State-of-the-Art Rehabilitative Care…

Westhampton Care Center’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation program provides both long-term and short term residents intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy in an environment that encourages maximum performance and independence.

Rehabilitation is offered up to 6 days-a-week utilizing a variety of modern modalities in both group and one-on-one sessions to help speed in each resident’s recovery.

We are committed to preparing short term residents for a speedy, safe, and successful transition home, while enabling our long-term residents maximum performance for a better quality of life.

We offer comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services for those recovering from:

• Knee Replacement Surgery
• Hip Replacement Surgery
• Cardiac Surgery
• Stroke
• Automobile Accidents
• Neurological Surgery
• Complications from Multiple Sclerosis & Other Degenerative Disorders
• Wound Care Management

Most major insurances accepted:
• Medicare
• Medicaid
• Blue Cross/Blue Shield
• Horizon
• Coordinated Care Solutions
• United Healthcare

(Your insurance provider not on our list? Let us know — we can work with the hospital to negotiate on your behalf to help secure the needed authorization for placement.)

Our top-notch professional rehabilitation
team works with both short-term and longterm residents to design programs that restore optimal individual performance. Whatever your needs, whether recovering from knee or hip replacement or dealing with a challenging chronic condition, our goal is to get you functioning at the highest level in as short a time as possible.

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